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mTj Brew Spots | Reviews and Opinions of Breweries, Brew Pubs and Various Watering Holes
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Welcome to mTjBrewSpots.com!

Where the hell have you been?  I am hoping you are all wanting to ask us that, but if not….well where the hell have YOU been?!

The Recap:  Been a wild year.  We have been absent due to Lyssa brewing a baby girl which threw a wrench into our ability to team-review the beer world.  As a matter of fact, Mia will turn the big Oh-One on May 6th 2014!!! Yeah!  :)  What else?  Oh, we got hacked by the Russians but I think we are ok for now.  So we will be getting back in the irons and pumping out some new reviews.  One thing to note is that we will now have a LATEST UPDATES page which will link to either new reviews or newly updated reviews.

We are Melissa (Lyssa) and Jason, a relatively young married couple residing in Lancaster County PA – a very short walk from the wonderful Stoudt’s Brewery.  We will be providing our thoughts and opinions on  everything related to Beer – and sometimes outside of that box as well.

We are still working on preparing our site for official launch, so please understand the sprinkling of mis-spellings and grammatical errors.  Also, consider following us on Twitter (Over there to the right —>) so we can notify you of newly published reviews and future giveaway contests.  Thank you for stopping by!

Email us with any comments or suggestions!  Jason@mtjbrewspots.com  or  Lyssa@mtjbrewspots.com

You will notice you need to register to post comments now, this is due to the fact that I get about 2500 spam comments per week…and i can’t keep up.  Sorry!  Let me know if you have problems with this – at least until I find a better solution.

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Please take a look at our ‘About Us’ page to get an idea of who we are and what our tastes are.  We realize that everyone has a different palate in regards to food and beverage, so if you know what we like you can then gauge/adjust our review versus what you may like.

The site is organized based on the progression of:

  1. Type of Location (Pub vs Brewery vs Other)
  2. Region Where the Reviewed Establishment is Located
  3. Individual Detailed Reviews

Currently only the Brewery Reviews are categorized by region as we tend to travel more to locations who brew their own beer.  If the number of Non-Brewery reviews increases substantially, we will probably adopt the same for them as well.

On our Review Pages you will see:  The name and location of who we reviewed, their web link (if applicable), our text review and graphical representations for the existence of growlers and our rating scale.

  • In reference to growlers you will see either      or        to indicate if growlers are sold at this location
  • Our rating scale is based on 1-5 GizMogs.  This is a GizMog——>    (Review the ‘About Us’ page for the origin of the rating scale



6 Responses to Home

  1. Javier Suarez

    Greetings from Mexico!!!

  2. Mike & Maureen Bratton

    Good Morning Melissa & Jason,
    It was terrific meeting the two of you at the Bulls Head Inn in Lititz on Saturday.
    We hope that our paths cross again!
    FYI, after we left, we discovered a nice coffee shop, Spill the Beans, who were just approved to begin selling their own Haus beers in April. The owners generously allowed us to taste their first 2 offerings – a wheat and a rye – and both tasted great! These are also the only beers brewed in Lititz.
    If we may, a warm hello and endorsement to another new friend from Saturday – John at St. Boniface in Ephrata.
    The growler of 3LB IPA was a big hit with friends on Saturday evening. Slainte!

    • Admin

      Hey, its great to hear form you guys! Thanks for the info on the new spot, we will have to make it a point to get there! Also, please make comments on any review pages of the spots you have been to – we will really appreciate your participation and opinions! Let us know if you are going to be back in the area and perhaps we will see you there! Take care and thanks for stopping by!

  3. Renato Terada

    Greetings from Brazil!!! I am a little (or a lot) outdated regarding bars around here… Will try and let you know when I have something!!!

    • Jason & Lyssa

      Great to hear form you Renato! If you have time, please send me your thoughts on a few of my favorite Sao paulo Locations…Maevva, Rey Castro, etc. I will add your reviews as a guest review here on the site! Take care my friend!

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