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Mind Your Manners! | mTj Brew Spots
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Mind Your Manners!

Here you will find the do’s and do not’s of beer drinking.  I won’t go so far as to call this etiquette since we are not that proper, but please obey these rules of behavior…..you are not the only person on the planet and other people can see you!

Coming Soon! (Work in Progress)

Bar Rule #1:

Perhaps our biggest problem with bar partons is when people won’t move over to an empty barseat (next to someone else) so others can sit.  Many times we walk in and see the old:  two people – open barseat – two people staggered configuration.  Why do you need that open seat?  Move the hell over!  Can’t you sit next to another person?  If not, then do everyone else a favor and just stay home!  I understand this is a very complex puzzle for some people, so look at the people trying to find a seat…if there are 2 people and you have 1 seat on either side of you, figure it out fella.  This is fine behavior if there are very few people at the bar, but as it begins to fill up, please remember there are other people walking around the earth and sometimes they enter a bar and need a seat(s).  So please, if you see others come into the bar and can’t have a seat because there are single barstools empty next to you….slide down!  Its the right thing to do!  Finally, if you are the bartender and see this type of nonsense can you please ask people to slide down?  You will be a hero!

Bar Rule #2:

Making out or being all touchy feely at the bar is a NO NO.  Can you really not keep your hands off each other until you get home…or at least get to the car!?!?!?!  If you start doing  it I will stare and make comments.  So be prepared for that or knock it off!

Bar Rule #3:

This one is very important to remember if you are trying a sample at a Microbrew.  Don’t make a bitter beer face if you don’t like the beer.  The people that make the beer are most likely there and can see you!!!  It is RUDE to make faces!  If you don’t like it don’t drink it (or just make your spouse drink it like I do).  If I prepared someone dinner and they took a bite and made a face I would be upset.  How do you think the people that make the beer feel when they see you doing that??!?!?!  If they ask how you like it and you don’t like it then simply say “I am not a big fan of that one” or “Its not really my style beer”.  That is much more polite then making a stupid face and saying you hate it!! 

Bar Rule #4:

Please use your “The baby is sleeping” voice in a bar where everyone else is doing the same.  I get that some sports bars warrant yelling and screaming, sometines, but tone it the hell down where everyone else is NOT doing it.  Generally if there are sports on TV and the bar has game volume on the house speakers, yap away.  If its quiet, you are just the weird guy when you scream into your cell phone, telling your buddy how you tipped over the John Deere last night.  Also, don’t make strange noises – I prefer not to be bothered by your ticks.  1 exception to this rule is if you have Tourettes – if you do, please let me know your bar attending schedule so i can follow you around. 

Bar Rule #5:

Don’t go to a Micro Brewery and order a Miller Light.  No elaboration is necessary


12 Responses to Mind Your Manners!

  1. Lisa

    Regarding Bar Rule #5- can one order a regular in hopes they will get the bars standard/flagship brew?

    • Admin

      Lisa, very good question! Amazingly enough, I have a clear answer for you. Ordering a “Regular” is only allowed under the following conditions: (All must be met)
      1) The request is placed with either Sean, Mike or Nora at Stoudt’s
      2) The person ordering must be from either MN or CA

      There you have it. Simple enough! Thanks for the comment!

  2. Dick Babyarm

    In regards to #5……is it allowed to order a micro brew at the Miller Lite bottling company?

    • Admin

      Hey Dick, thanks for stopping by!

      Well, thats a tough question. If you are referring to being at one of the MillerCoors company locations (Golden, Milwaukee, Chippewa Falls) for a tour and trying to get a craft beer, that might be tough – unless they serve someone else’s beer. The only thing you could hope for is that you can get all of their brands at each location and in that case you could certainly order a Mickey’s or OE-800 (cuz thats my brand) – and then you have the best fo the best! Go Grenade or Hornet!

  3. Canslang

    Concerning Rule #2 – when I am in that state of mind and I start the kissing in the bar, I really don’t care if you stare or make comments. If this offends you turn your head.

    • Jason & Lyssa

      Hey Charlie! We now officially have a comment from a true legend!

      I am happy to get your opinion on this – do you think this is your feeling only, or can I stare at anyone who does it? Also, what about picture taking?

      I look forward to more of your input sir! Welcome to the site!

  4. Dyane Countryman

    I wish we could have these rules posted where I work! I’d have to add a few more to it though just for some of the wonderfully ill mannered people. I LOVE all these rules!

    • Jason & Lyssa

      Feel free to post your thoughts, its always good to hear some additional insight from somoene on the other side of the bar! See you soon!

  5. Dick Babyarm

    Rule #6 – When the owners of the bar take up 2 bar seats when its a packed house and I’m clearly waiting on deck!!!!

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