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Craft Ale House | mTj Brew Spots
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Craft Ale House

Craft Ale House – Limerick, PA


The growler is larger on this page for a reason!

Sharon (Jason’s Mom) got us a gift certificate for this place, for $125.  Knowing Lyssa is a huge growler collector, she said you can either get a growler or you can eat but you won’t be able to do both.  WHAT????  $125 and you can’t eat and get a growler??  That’s right…. The growler was $125!  Its definitely Lyssa’s most expensive growler and is completely hand made.  Note that the $125 doesn’t even include the beer you get to go in the growler!  :)

This place is really nice and almost always has a full bar when we go.  They have one of the largest bottled beer selections of all the places we have been and always have new beers on tap for us to try.  Wendy is one of the best bartenders anywhere – bar none.  Knowledgeable, friendly, and never lets you go with an empty glass.  You will be lucky to have her as your beer guide! 

They do not have liquor or wine – just beer – but there is enough that its all you need to choose from.  The food is hit and miss to some degree – last time we went Lyssa wasn’t too impressed with her burger – but Jason sure liked the….beer (not sure about the burger). 

We will definitely go back!  The beer selection is great and the service even better!

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