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The Hitching Post | mTj Brew Spots
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The Hitching Post

The Hitching Post – Reading, PA

Website:  www.TheHitchingPostPA.com

 Updated Review:  After a few more months of Hitching Post visits – we have revised our review to 5 GizMogs.  We had a discussion during our last visit and felt we needed to raise the rating and mention a few more points. 

We have spent time outside on the patio , had a few more samples of Chris’ beer and enjoyed brunch a few times.  The breakfast/lunch is great – huge portions for quite a low cost and the taste is excellent.  I know….this is a BEER review site….but it all has to be mentioned.  This is now a 5 GizMog joint you know?  We decided that we can place the Post at a 5 rating because it slides into a specific niche of review and doesn’t need to be cross compared to the other 5 ratings spots.  It is a nice upscale atmosphere, with good food great service and solid beer choices.  The ultimate deciding factor was that it now pops to mind immediately for many types of occasions – even those that we make up so we can take the trip. 

Well done, welcome to the 5 GizMog club!


Original Review:  The Hitching post has just recently opened. at a location that has changed names/ownership a few times in a few years.  This is by far the best version!

This is a place that we truly hope does well and continues to serve great beer and food for years to come!  The interior has an upscale feel and is very warm and inviting.  They have a good selection of beers on tap and an even better one in bottles.  The Manager (Chris) enjoys beer every bit as much as we do – even demo’ing some of his own (many times very unique) samples now and again.  We can’t wait for him to begin offering it on tap in the bar.  You will definitely get recommendations based on your style preference, and will most certainly find something you like.  The food has also been very good when we have eaten here, a great compliment to the beer selection and friendly staff.

If you live in the area, please stop by and give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed and you will be contributing to the success of one of the best Brew Spots in the area!

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  1. Jess

    Hot Bartender

  2. Stefanie ( HP bartender and server)

    Hey guys! Great site and awesome review. Jason and Lyssa totally get 5 Gizmogs in my book!

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