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John Wright Restaurant | mTj Brew Spots
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John Wright Restaurant

John Wright Restaurant – Wrightsville, PA


John Wright was suggested to us by Kyle at McCleary’s in neighboring Marietta, PA.  We asked if there were any places right on the river, and this was suggested.  What a great recommendation!

For a place that we didn’t know existed, it was visually amazing!  It is built within an old manufacturing/warehousing building and includes both indoor and outdoor options.  The interior (which we only passed throught on the way in and out) looked very new and upscale.  The exterior has tables and a fairly sizeable bar which is constructed of reclaimed fallen trees and is very unique.  The back of the building sits about 50 years across an open grass area to the shore of the Susquehanna river.  We had a drink at the bar (with a friendly staff for a busy bar) and then took a second for a walk down to the shore.  From the water you have a nice view of the Eastern Shore and both the newer Rt 30 bridge and the older bridge that comes into Wrightsville.  There were a number of kayaks pulled ashore as well, probably for paddlers who got a bit thirsty.  We didn’t get to eat, but there was an outdoor (brick?) oven just beside the bar where fresh pizzas were being crafted. 

Overall we were very surprised by this place, and will definately go back….if for nothing else but the beauty of the location.  Very unique, very cool and alot more to investigte before we can enter an updated rating.  For now…

GizMog Rating: (Future trips could influence this either up or down)




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