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The Captain’s Cove | mTj Brew Spots
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The Captain’s Cove

The Captain’s Cove – Reading, PA


The Captain’s Cove is the outdoor portion of the Mountain Springs restaurant.  The indoor portion is very nice, new and has a great deal on Lobster on Wednesdays (something like $15 for a tail and some sides).  This review however is mainly about the outdoor portion.

The location is just a few years old now (since being refurbished and renamed – partially) and has a great outdoor area – even better than Loxley’s in Lancaster.  It is a Caribbean/Pirate theme with thatched umbrella tables and an enclose (open wall) bar area.  The bar is fairly large and the area also contains some games like…i don’t remember actually…maybe darts and a pool table?  Oh, and a few rope/hammock swings – in case you are one of those people. 

The food is generally pretty good with a solid selection, some things seems strangely expensive, but no big deal.  Bottle list is somewhat limited but its all about the custom drinks here.  We had a bartender on out last visit (I am currently waiting for a text msg reply from Lyssa for his name – ill update this when i find out) who was a really good guy.  Friendly, had some good drink ideas and gave us a few samples of things we never tried.  As I mention him, this is a good time to say that the staff is largely above average.  Please see Louis is of need any sort of martini – even if you don’t like them.  He prides himself on his martini engineering.  I think he normally works inside, so go hunt him down. 

ok, in summary, go in the daytime on a weekend.  I hear it gets full as the wave pool at Dorney……eh…it gets full.  Also, I’m told the Five-O have a field day with patrons on the way down the mountain in the weekend evenings, so avoid those times.  It is a bit hard to find so get your atlas out and take a drive. 

GizMog Rating:  Based on atmosphere and staff – add some beer choices and we might adjust!




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