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Cabanas Beach Bar & Grill | mTj Brew Spots
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Cabanas Beach Bar & Grill

Cabanas Beach Bar & Grill – Cape May, NJ


It has become a bit of a tradition for us to head down to Cape May for a late season Eagles game – this year we coupled it with a New Years celebration which centered around our favorite Beach Bar, Cabanas.

We enjoy going to Cape May since it is as far South as you can get in NJ, and as far away from the New Yorkers as possible.  We both have a hard time watching football where there is anyone at the bar that is not an Eagles fan. :)  Cabanas is a great sports bar, just across the street from the ocean.  Plenty of room, large bar, numerous TVs – and its an Eagles bar of course.  There are about a dozen beers on tap with some good variety (they did have Hennepin!) and a full liquor compliment.  You won’t stay thirsty very long.

We arrived in Cape May about 2pm (12/31/11) and went right to Cabanas for lunch.  After eating and a few drinks we strolled through some shops, took showers and went back out to Cabanas.  We wanted a bar seat for NewYears so we got there quite early (7pm).  The party was open bar from 9pm till close for $25, a Great deal! 

We were lucky enough to have Noreen behind the bar – she took care of us the entire night.  The only thing that surpassed her quick  drink attention was her personality.  This was no easy bar tending night – it was packed and people were out of their minds.  It was worth the admission cost to watch her control the crowd and set them straight when needed.  We had a great time at a great place!

So…after sleeping a few hours we had to get some lunch – and where else would we go?  Sure, we got back to Cabanas somewhere around 11:45am to get comfortable for the Eagles game, and Noreen was working again!  We spent most of the day watching football and talking with her and the locals.  You can always find some drink specials or food specials – but this is really a gem for its location, atmosphere and staff. 

 As mentioned we plan our trips to Cape May for Eagles games and for Cabanas – now we need to add Noreen to our list.  All of the staff has always been great so if she isn’t working, you will certainly find someone you like. 

Next time you are considering a trip to the Jersey Shore, take a look at Cape May – its a bit more quiet, relaxed and has plenty to see and do, we even enjoy the off season.  If you do decide to go, stop in at Cabanas and enjoy all they have to offer and tell them we sent you!

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2 Responses to Cabanas Beach Bar & Grill

  1. Noreen Cicero

    That was awesome, it was great meeting you two as well. We had a bar meeting tonight and I forwarded this to owners and staff, it went over well. Thank you so much for the complements, you guys were great too. It’s such a pleasure to have nice people in the bar you can get to know all weekend. Please come back anytime and e mail me when you do. Happy New Year!!!!!!!

    • Admin

      Great to hear form you Noreen!

      Thanks again for making our trip fun and complete – we will be back soon and definately be in contact!

      Happy New Year to You Too!

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