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Bullshead Public House | mTj Brew Spots
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Bullshead Public House

 Bullshead Public House (Lititz, Pa)


Update October 2014:  The Bulls Head remains one of our staples – and now its been expanded. It has recently doubled in size, adding a second small bar and a unique pub style sitting area. The outside seating has also grown quite a bit. The bartenders as usual are great guys. Ryan, Jeff, Isiah and Joe are always friendly and knowledgeable and complete a very cool drinking experience.

Lititz is a great town with a number of great shops, bars and a very nice park. Definitely stop by and be sure to visit the Bulls Head – you will almost certainly find a great beer on tap and will always find great staff.
UPDATE: (January 2012):   We finally have some names – Ryan and Joe are the bartenders we generally see and are both very good. Many people will ask for recommendations and these guys always provide great options that match their tastes.  You have to stop by and try some great food, amazing beers and a great staff!

UPDATE (December 2011):  The Bull’s remains one of our favorite spots – there is a bartender in particular that is really good to us, but we did not get his name.  This will be done for sure on our next visit.  We got to spend lunch here over our holiday vacation and had a great time – food was great and so was the beer as always.  We now have nearly 800 pts on our rewards card…..only 4200 more to winning (spending our way to) the weekend trip!


Original Review:  We have been to the Bulls Head MANY times – and for good reason!

It’s a neat English Pub with a very large selection of beer on tap and in bottles.  Every Time we go there is something new on tap to try sue to a good turn and steady patronage.

The menu of both drink and food is written on a chalk board above the bar and there are no waiters or waitresses to take your order – just go up to the bar to order once you have decided.  They have a Turkey sandwich that Lyssa loves and Jason prefers the Bison burger (now Venison).  We always want to try other things on the menu but we like what we like and always end up ordering the same thing.

They do offer a loyalty card where you get a point for every dollar you spend – sign up for it on your first trip, something we neglected to do!  Once you reach a certain amount of points you get something, then something else, and so on.  At 100 pts you get a pint glass, 250 pts is hat, etc.  When you reach 5000 pts you get a weekend trip to Maine.  We think it’s a great idea and something you don’t see that often!

The bartending is usually fantastic, only 1 bad experience but that was quite some time ago. This is truly one of our favorite places and you need to visit.  Its small, can get very crowded, but the draft list and bottle list is great.  The bartending is knowledgeable, personable and helpful 99% of the time.  The food is great and the atmosphere unique.  now make the trip, sign up for your rewards card and get that trip!  See you there!

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2 Responses to Bullshead Public House

  1. Dick Babyarm

    Bullshead son!!!!!! This place is the shizz. Why only 4 cat heads?? Give them 10.

    • Jason & Lyssa

      Agree DB, we need to re-evaluate. Ryan has been awesome and the food has been solid. Let me talk with the misses and see if we want to make a change.

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